Life Lesson #1 Forgive

forgiveAs I approach my mid life birthday, I am becoming more insightful about my life’s journey thus far. I wonder if having this big birthday sparks the same reactions in others. I don’t know for sure, but I do know it has sparked a deep reaction in me.

I have put pen to paper to write down what I have learned. I hope you find it interesting and hopefully enlightening.

Lesson #1 – Learn to forgive those that have hurt you.

We have a lot of people who hurt us, whether it’s on purpose or not. We as humans are hurt by actions, words, and people who just don’t like us for some reason we just can’t pin point. We just rub them the wrong way. I know I have people who rub me the wrong way, and I can’t tell you why. It just is.

If you choose to hold on to the hurt and anger – it will consume you. It’s a negative cloud hanging over your head and heart. And you know we are what we attract, so if that’s the catch, you will be attracting a huge amount of negative.

By forgiving them – it releases your bond, your consuming thoughts of hurt and anger, and allows you to move forward. Trust me when I say – it is very freeing!

Now forgiving doesn’t mean you must have that person in your life. You don’t. You just need to let go and forgive.

love and passion


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