Life is like the change of seasons

change of seasonOne thing I missed as a child growing up in southern Arizona, is the change of seasons. I didn’t know I was missing out on something I didn’t know about, so to me the desert was breath taking. I enjoyed the warmth of the sun almost everyday.

I now live in the mid west and love to see the change of seasons. It’s absolutely breath taking to me to see each and every season come and go. When I was newly married, my ex-husband and I lived in Germany! It was one of the most heavenly places to live if you ask me. It was breath taking every day – nature at it’s best. Of course the winters were sometimes challenging when I had a steep hill to drive up on my way to work….but it was never a problem really.

To me the change of seasons represents a dying and rebirth of nature. It is awesome to me how precious nature is. One of my favorite hobbies is taking pictures. I didn’t realize that most of my pictures were of nature until I took the time to go through and delete some of them off my computer. Nature is part of me – that is how I feel. I could live on a mountain top, with bare necessities (internet of course) and I would be at peace and happy.

When you think of change, we all go through it just like the seasons do. Change is a given in every aspect of life. If you realize that it’s a rebirth and a dying off of something old, you will see you are given another opportunity to grow and flourish into an amazing new self. It is awesome!

Live life and grow!


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