Life lesson….live your own life. Be your true self.

liveYour life is yours to live the way you want, in a way that makes you happy and fulfilled. So many people live their life to please others that it makes them unhappy inside. Their need to please those around them is stronger than their own need.

Anthony Robbins teaches we are driven by two basic needs – pain and pleasure. I honestly believe this as well.  We will avoid anything at all costs to avoid pain. When someone lives a life like I mentioned above, they are avoiding what they “perceive” to be pain. To them the change to live an honest life –  who they really are would be more painful.  Can you imagine how deep that goes? You must find more reasons for it to be better to change, than to not change. Make a list if you need to. Write it down on paper – a column for each “painful to change” and “pleasurable to change”. List the reasons – See it for yourself.

I am here to tell you that “you only have this one life”. Make it what you want and not what someone else wants. Your perception might be wrong. They might embrace whatever your change is. It might be a bigger deal in your mind than it really is. LIVE your life. Live it so you are happy. Those around you will notice you are happier. You will shine more brightly than you ever have. It will be a good thing.

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