Got Confidence?

self confidence posterDo you have confidence?? Any self-confidence?

I have been approached time and time again about my confidence. Women, as well as men, have said to me my confidence was the first thing they noticed about me. I walked into the room with confidence, I talked with confidence, and my stature (body language) was confident. Really? Wow! That a great compliment to me.

They would ask me – “How did you get self-confident?” “Did you always have it or was it something that came later in life?”  Let me share this. Not long ago I talked to my “first love” from high school about this very subject even though HS was 30 years ago he knew me very well. He said my confidence was one of the things that attracted him to me. He loved that I was so confident besides having nice gams! (smile) I asked him what he thought – did I always have confidence or did he think I gained it later? He said he thought I had confidence because I took music lessons. That never occurred to me. He believed music helped me be so strong and confident. I took 10 years of piano lessons, played piano in church, played piano for several choirs in HS, and sang too.

I do believe that he maybe correct to a point, but I also think I have always been confident. I was always driven (by myself) to succeed. I wanted to be the best at whatever I tried to do. I knew I wanted to go to college when I was young and climb the corporate ladder.  I can remember my grade school friend, Duke, who always challenged me. Only because I wanted to be #1 in class and he wanted to be #1 as well. We were always neck in neck in the “Around the World” math game we played in class. It really didn’t matter who won – but it did make me try harder next time. I don’t think I ever gave up trying. I honestly believed I could win and did sometimes! (I practiced my times tables in the evenings at home to sharpen my skills)

I know each one of you are confident in some ways. Whatever you are good at – I know you are confident in. You could probably give a lecture on that subject without blinking an eye only because it is something you are passionate about.

What I do know is this – All of us can excel at anything we set our minds and hearts on! I have confidence because I know I can win. Have I always won? No – I haven’t. But I do win a lot. I do excel in some areas and not others just like everyone else. So please know I’m not good at everything.

Don’t coward at a challenge or a task you’ve been given. Face it head on. And certainly don’t put your head in the sand and hide from it – that never works! IF you set your mind on a goal, and you are determined to give it your best ever day, you really will achieve it!

Self-Confidence + Action + Determination = Success!

Love and Success






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