Life is about being happy

Happiness-Hands1I know so many people who live their lives trying to find their own happiness in someone else. They aren’t happy, so they must have someone there to make them happy. Well we know deep down this won’t work. But you try to tell that to the person who is doing this very thing to find their own happiness. They are totally blind to the fact they are doing it!

Life is about going through ups and downs, but your happiness begins with you. You will attract people who are happy if you are happy. If you are angry with the world, you will attract others who are angry too. It is the universal law. You have to be the person you want to attract. Surround yourself with people who inspire the best in you!

Find out what makes you happy with yourself. Tell yourself every day that you love yourself. Sure we have flaws, but every one does. Don’t focus on the flaws, focus on the good things about yourself.

Have a wonderful day –

Make a change – Make it happen

Love and Passion,


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