Life – Don’t Procrastinate

tomorrows listI had to laugh when I saw this cartoon. I absolutely know some of you couples have experienced this first hand.

I was talking to a guy today about why he was procrastinating about doing this one thing. I’ve heard him promise the gentleman this special made T-Shirt with a specific design airbrushed on it for his daughter. But “Sam” just kept putting it off, so I asked him “why”. Why was he procrastinating about doing the t-shirt? He really didn’t know except to come up with excuses. So he looked at me and said – Okay, I am going to do it now! And that is exactly what he did. He finished up the t-shirt within a few hours. And I know he felt better having completed it even if he didn’t say it – I’m sure he was strutting around happier, and probably playing air guitar like a teenager again. (smile)

Why do we procrastinate? I can only say that sometimes the project or item on the list is something we don’t want to do OR our perception says it is “bigger” than it really is. I’ve experienced this several times – that what I thought would be a “huge” thing to do, really wasn’t. And when I was done, I thought to myself “Wow, that wasn’t that bad!”

I am one of those people who do make a list of things I need to do. Even when I was in my 20’s working hard for Wells Fargo I didn’t want to ever forget anything and look bad so I started making lists to keep track. I’ve always excelled and I’m obviously an over achiever. List’s are good and they work for me. I feel I have accomplished something when I have items scratched off the list. I feel focused and on track!

I received a great piece of advise once about how I can stop the procrastination in my life. I shared this with Sam and he thought it was a good idea. Okay here it is – Every day act like this is your last day of work before leaving on a 2 week vacation where you won’t be taking work with you! So the list MUST get done. Believe me you will use your time more wisely to achieve this in a timely manner. You don’t want to be up until midnight still doing the items on your list. I think it helps so you don’t talk yourself out of doing it today and putting it on tomorrows list! Love that idea.

Hope this helps you with what ever you are procrastinating about doing.

Love and Passion,


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