Soul Speaking – Are you listening?

SoulBody_largeDon’t you love when God reveals his intentions for you when you least expect it? I love the fact that I met so many amazing people every day. When I talk to people I am in the moment and enjoy hearing about them. It’s never about me, but about them. They share what’s on their mind at the time, and I listen and share what my intuition (soul) is telling me to tell them in that moment. I’m there for a reason and I am very mindful of my soul intentions.

Do you listen to your “inner voice”  or soul when it’s speaks? Some call it voice, God, intuition, or soul. To me it’s God speaking to me through my soul. There were times when I heard God speaking to me, but I ignored it. It was those times that I messed up and my choices weren’t good. I will share my lessons and how you can fine tune this process. My soul speaks…. will be coming soon.

I will be rolling out a new website and a new program available on CD soon!

Love and Passion,


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