Words to live by

words have powerWords to live by…… The words we say to others matter. How we say them, the words themselves, and whether we mean them sincerely or not.

Words spoken can’t ever be taken back. I learned at a very young age this lesson. I was brought up in church and really a very good kid with strict parents. I can vividly remember to this day the very first cuss word that came out of my mouth, probably because I was utterly in shock that it happened. I was in the lunchroom at school (7th grade) and I looked in my lunchbox and the word came out. Silly isn’t it – but not really. Once the word was spoken I couldn’t take it back. Those around me heard me and it changed me. I relate it to taking the bite of the apple God told Eve NOT to do.

Are the nice words you say to someone really sincere or are they deep down resentful? I wonder sometimes when people say things if they are being sincere. My intuition speaks to me when that thought comes to my mind and it’s only when that thought comes to me that I know they aren’t really being sincere. It’s sad that people aren’t happy in themselves or don’t have confidence in their own abilities that they feel the need to say or do those things. We are here to encourage others in their lives, goals, accomplishments, endeavors, and their pursuit of happiness.

Words spoken in the heat of anger. Now this is a touchy thing for some only because they think it’s okay to let out what they feel because they are in an argument or angry. Well I’m here to remind you – it isn’t okay! It never is okay. Those words again can not be taken back and are said to hurt the other person. The person receiving the words of anger will always remember what you said. They may forgive you in time, but it won’t be forgotten. Don’t lash out. If you need time to calm down – take it. When you are calm you can come back and discuss whatever is upsetting you or them. Calm is always better for resolving issues.

Always speak the truth. When you lie you cause yourself more inner hurt than you realize. You also cause yourself to be out of sync with your spirit. I know we are all human, but this lesson I have learned. When you have employees that report to you, it has been proven that 90 percent of them would rather you tell them the truth face to face, than to be ignored. I understand that. So as a manager, I did my best to be sincere when I spoke to someone, gave them the honest truth in a nice way, and therefore, it gave them a chance to make their own decisions based on the facts not lies. It always worked out better and people really do appreciate your honesty. They respect you more for it.

Words of love. Don’t be quick to say I love you to someone unless you truly mean it. Those 3 words are the most over used words in the English language. I can remember in high school how quick the boys were to say I love you even on the first date! I always believed those words were important and that I wouldn’t utter those words to someone unless I meant it from my heart. I still believe that to this day. Don’t cheapen the meaning of “I LOVE YOU” by throwing it out there without meaning it.

Words to live by…. your words have power!

Love and passion,


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