Reflections of Gratitude

Quotes_Gratitude1As I began this year, and as I do every year, I began to reflect on the past year.I take some quiet time to reflect alone. I asked myself what I accomplished, what did I do well, what did I do not so well, what big changes occurred, what lessons did I learn, and what was I truly grateful for during the year. I thought about friends that I got close to, friends that made a difference, business associates and relationships that formed a bond, and also people who weren’t positive in my life.

I think making 2013 and every year going forward, we need to reflect and make changes that improve our well-being and make strides towards accomplishing our goals. If we don’t, we will continue to do the same thing over and over – a cycle that repeats itself. One thing I would hate when I sat in business meetings were the meetings that kept going round and round over the same subject and nothing getting accomplished. I would always be the one to finally step in, direct the conversation, and make the decision as to what the next steps should be. I could NOT stand to sit and hear it go round and round without any action being taken! Same goes with doing the same thing year after year with no reflection or changes to improve.

I set my goals, I made my vision board, and I also began to write in my gratitude journal. I haven’t been faithful in the past to do this, but this year it means more to me.  I saw something on TV that told the story of parents who had lost their daughter who was in her 20’s to a car accident. Days after the funeral as they were going through her things, they found her gratitude journal. When the mother spoke from her heart about reading her daughters journal and how she treasured it, I began to cry. Her mother was so grateful to have the journal. To read all the things her daughter was happy for, grateful for, even for the small things her mother had done for her that her mother didn’t think anything of. Knowing that their daughter was happy in her life was what helped her parents get through their loss. They took exerts from her journal and make bookmarks with their daughters picture on top in remembrance of her love of life and her gratefulness. They used the making of the bookmarks as therapy. To date, they have sold over 20,000 bookmarks!

I will be faithful and grateful everyday – writing down in my journal even the small things.

Love and Passion,


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