New Beginnings….

whiteboard“We cannot start over…. But we can ‘Start Now’ and make a New ending “

– Zig Ziglar

It dawned on me that every morning I wake up happy and ready to start a new day. In my mind I see it as the slate has been wiped clean because yesterday is over and a new whiteboard is ready for me to write my “today”. A NEW start….

How do you feel when you get up in the morning? Is it a chore? Are you happy, sad, depressed, or dreading what the day holds?

I can look back on my life with observance to say there were times where I just went through the motions because I was alone and raising 2 small kids, divorced and my days were packed full with work and finishing my college degree. It seemed like a blur of time. I don’t remember being happy or sad, but really just getting by. That’s sad to say really. But I know all the experiences we go through make us who we are today. Tough times and Great times are a part of lives.

What I want to impress upon you today is – everyday is a new whiteboard for you to write your story, your life, and your day. You can choose to write it in whatever fashion you choose. Do you want to write in black ink, or your favorite color? Do you want to write in cursive or print? Do you want it to show good deeds to others, kind words shared with family, strangers or co-workers? Do you want to show your smile throughout the day?

I have to laugh now, because years ago before “smileys” were in, I was known for the smiley face notes I’d leave for co-workers. One person even saved them and posted a collage of them on the wall. I’ve started doing that again for one of my clients. I leave a note with a smiley face drawn by me – with a message on it. I know they smile when they see it! He takes a picture of it and sends it back to me and I smile.

So today is a new beginning – a NEW start. Make it your day to write in your favorite color! This is AWESOME!!

Love and Passion,

Writing in Red…

Deanna šŸ™‚

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