Life Lession – Show Appreciation

life lessonLife Lesson  -Show appreciation to people – it matters more than you realize.

Many years ago, when I was an executive at a University in Georgia, I managed over 25 people. At the age of 34, that was a lot of people to me. It was during that time I realized just how important appreciation for others mattered. It didn’t matter if they were old, young or anywhere in between. People are people. I liked it when someone told me I did a good job, or they appreciated me for doing something special. It made me smile and feel more confident in what I was doing. It truly made me want to do better.

To me it was always about making each person who worked for me feel good about what they were doing, making sure to verbalize to them they meant something to me, and they were doing good job! I could see how they reacted to me with a huge smile and it made them feel good. I loved it! In turn it made me feel good too.

I realized this life lesson because I had a boss who was just the opposite of me. He never gave words of encouragement, and he always wanted me to feel inferior because I was a woman. I actually was the ONLY woman out of 4 other VP’s who reported to him. It was during that time I learned to be a good manager.

Show appreciation to others whether it’s work related or in your personal life. Tell them how much they mean to you, Send them a hand written thank you card or leave them a post-it note for them to hang up and remind themselves you appreciated them – they matter.

This is such a small gesture but has a GREAT impact on others.

Love and THANK YOU!!


2 thoughts on “Life Lession – Show Appreciation

  1. De ~ I love this post! You are so right! This is what I do everyday! I send a greeting card of gratitude to someone different everyday! It makes my life special and it puts a smile on their face as well! I think we may be kindred spirits!

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