6 thoughts on ““You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobod

    1. And the questions for you to answer are:

      1. What’s your favorite day of the week and why? Sunday’s are my favorite day of the week. It’s my day of rest. I do special mediation to renew my spirit and deeply connect, and it’s the day that is just for me to treat myself.

      2. Why do you blog? I blog not because I have to, but because I have something to say and I hope that it blesses and or inspires someone else. It’s a voice for me to share with others.

      3. Who do you love? I love my children, friends, and family – I love God who has blessed me more than I could have imagined.

      4. What’s your favorite holiday and why? Thanksgiving – It’s the time of the year that families gather, break bread, and are thankful for one another. I’m grateful everyday, but this is the day of celebration!

      5. Do you have a guilty pleasure? Rare treat – Baskin Robins 31 Flavors – Peanut Butter/chocolate ice cream!! Yum.

      6. Do you play an instrument? Piano – I took 10 years of lessons. Best gift my parents gave me!!

      7. Can you please recommend a good book to read? The Five Love Languages

      8. Do you laugh everyday? ABSOLUTELY!!!

      9. What’s your favorite post on your blog? Listening when your soul speaks

      1o. Are you on Facebook? If so, tell us where to find you! http://www.facebook.com/ladyde00

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