You only have one…

9-positive-people“You only have one life. It’s your message to the world. Make it INSPIRING!”

I love the message in the picture, but I wanted to add the “you only have one”… it. I think is adds to the message!

I was talking with my friend and client last night, and he started to tell me what I have meant to him in the few months we’ve been together. He started his sentence with “For what it’s worth, I want you to know exactly how you have made a difference in my life…..”

When he was done, I felt a lump in my throat because at times, very rare,  I didn’t know what to say. It’s hard sometimes for me to take a compliment. I usually brush it off and make some hand gesture to get past the moment. But I realized last night, it meant a LOT for him to say what he did, he was very sincere, and it was truly heart-felt. In that moment, I needed to listen, accept the blessing, and say thank you! What he said touched my heart, and I am grateful!

My purpose is always to help people, encourage people, and inspire them to what they are meant to do. It would be a tragedy if I didn’t do that. I here to help him get back on track with his purpose – not with his means of paying the bills, but with HIS LIFE (the only one he has) PURPOSE. Now that is special.

I appreciated that he spoke from his heart and wanted me to know what I am doing is a blessing to him. How many of us take the time to share what our hearts are telling us to say? SAY it – Heart felt things are the best gift you can give someone.

“You only have one life. It’s your message to the world. Make it INSPIRING!”

Love and Inspiration…..


Thank you from my heart.

4 thoughts on “You only have one…

  1. De- how wonderful that you heard his message of gratitude! We hope to make a difference in someone’s life everyday! I send out a card everyday in gratitude because I always want others to know how I feel! It’s such a great way to share the love.

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