Never Get Tired….

never get tiredNever get tired of doing the small things for others, sometimes those small things occupy the biggest parts of their hearts! ~ unknown

I am a firm believer in doing small/little things for others. It’s so easy and means so much to them and it really give me a blessing to do it.

The true blessing is in giving. My fellow blogger (whom is awesome) – Her and I love to give out cards. I love receiving cards and giving them to others. I grew up writing thank you cards because my mother made me do it at the time, but that was a great lesson she passed down to me. Cards can say anything you want them to say – You write what you want or find a card that says exactly what you want it to say for you.

The blessing to me is always in doing small things. Give a hug, give a few minutes of your time to listen to someone who needs to talk, buy someone a cup of tea or coffee, but most of all DO something for someone else. It always makes my moment, day, and gives me a smile.

Love & Giving,


One thought on “Never Get Tired….

  1. Oh De ~ thank you for your sweet post and for adding me into your world! You are so sweet! It’s true ~ getting a surprise card in the mail is one of those small things that we enjoy doing that means so much! You are such a sweet person and I’m so grateful that we’ve connected! Hugs to you! xo

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