Can you care to deeply…

plant growingI have been helping people succeed in both their professional and personal lives for a long time. What I have begun to notice, and I say this with such love for these people, is that I tend to care more deeply about their success than they do. I have said this on many occasions, “I can’t care more about your success than you do!” And that is so true!! I don’t hold back any punches – I tend to be honest and up front with people so they know where I’m coming from.

It all comes down to “change”. Can they make these small changes in their life or in their business in order to make it better? Or in order for everything to flow with less stress? Small steps…. What do you think the answer is to these questions? That would be a NO. I see it over and over again.

I want them to do this on their own SO BAD, but I can’t make them. I can’t make the light switch go on for them. They have to switch it on themselves. How can I make them WANT it more than me???

I am such an over achiever –  that I always want to succeed. But what comes natural to me won’t come natural for others. They will struggle with small changes because people don’t like change. They need to feel that the benefit of the change is stronger than the pain of NOT changing. People will avoid pain more than they will pleasure.

Take for example, someone who was deeply in love and the relationship ended horribly. That pain will forever be in their heart the next time they date someone or they might avoid relationships all together from that point on. The avoidance of pain its greater than the need of being in love.

Do I care to deeply? I do. I want them to succeed!  I want them to make the small changes so their lives will be better.

What I know for sure is I have to find the leverage to make them feel the benefit is greater than not changing at all. I believe that will come in time as I know them better. I may be there to plant the seed, and not see it bear the fruit. I believe that may be the case for any teacher. You don’t know how much you have influenced the student at the time you taught them and you might never know. All we can do is plant the seed and pray that it grows one day!

Love and Caring!





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