Life Lesson….Live in the moment

be all there“During a moment of hesitation, remember that tomorrow isn’t promised to you.”
― Jessamine

Live in the moment came to me this week when I thought something was wrong, that something terrible had happened to a close friend. I hadn’t heard from him via text or phone call and that wasn’t like him because I hear from him everyday. My intuition was telling me he had an accident or something bad had happen, but I really didn’t want to think that!!

I began to think about life and how truly precious those close to me are. As I tossed and turned that whole night,  not knowing if he was okay or not, I let my mind think about our last time together.  I allowed my mind to go deep and think ….. What if our last phone call really was the last time I hear his voice whispering in my ear about things that matter to him, or him making me laugh? I replayed the conversation in my mind over and over. I  thought about the last time we were together enjoying each others company and how awesome he is as a person. I was grateful and happy that we had become friends and he was forever in my heart.

We aren’t guaranteed tomorrow, or the moment after this one – we can be taken at any given moment. I know when you are young you think you are invincible, but honestly, you aren’t. Age has no boundaries when it’s our time to go.

I’m happy to say – he is okay, but he did have an accident and he was in the hospital for 24 hours without his phone!

I believe in the power of souls connecting. When you are connected – you can feel the other person even when they aren’t physically beside you. I felt something had happened but I didn’t want to think it had. We never want to think the worst, or at least I don’t.

So here’s what I know for sure – for me trust what my intuition is telling me! It is always right. I believe we should relish every moment  you are connecting with someone whether it’s a friend, co-worker, family member, lover,  or the person serving you a meal. Be present during the time you are sharing. Let them feel your spirit and your feel theirs. I don’t ever want to regret a moment I wasn’t present!

Love and Being Present for you,


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