Standing up for what is right

courage fear“In the moment, you know when you need to stand up for what is right. Have courage and act! Say what you are lead to say calmly but with conviction. Don’t be afraid how it will be received. That doesn’t matter. What matters is that you respond in the moment and not let it pass by.” ~Deanna

Sometime in life we are faced with moments when we are lead to stand up for what we know is right. But also in that moment, our minds allow fear to come into play. We fear that we will offend someone, or they will get mad, or that we aren’t strong enough to stand up if it’s a group of people.

What if you were put there for a purpose? You were meant to be there to say something – to speak up for what is right.

How you respond is critical. You have heard that when telling a joke the delivery is key. The same goes with this situation. How you deliver the message is key. Don’t yell out in anger. Speak with a calm voice. Stand up and speak from your heart. Make sure to listen to your intuition. The right words and actions will come.

What I know for sure at these times – is sometimes people are ignorant. They don’t know what they are saying or doing is wrong. It is only when someone has the courage to speak up IN THAT MOMENT that change can take place in their hearts. If not, the cycle will continue.

Be the voice of change. Be courageous. Stand up with love and kindness when the moment presents itself. Doing what is right ALWAYS feels good. You will never regret it.

Love and Speaking UP!


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