Life Lesson… Don’t be a People Pleaser

people-pleasing“Life can get messed up fast when you try to be a pleaser. Because people won’t ever be pleased, not even if you drop them ass-first into paradise. They like complaining too much.”
Charles Frazier, Nightwoods

You will never please everyone all of the time and not everyone will like you. These two things are known facts. Sometimes when we are young we think we have to please people or they won’t like us. What you need to realize is  to “just be yourself”. People will either like you for you or they won’t. You will be happier living a life true to you. The people that like you for you will be the best people in your life!

Life is too short to live a life of pleasing everyone all the time. BE YOU! BE HAPPY!

Love and Being YOU!!


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