Forgiving Releases You

forgive with chains

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”

                             ~Mahatma Gandhi

To forgive someone really releases you from your chains. It sets your FREE.

For some people forgiveness isn’t easy and to some it’s not even an option.  I know some people who have actually said they have a delete button in their head, so when someone does something to them personally, they hit the delete button.  Do you think that’s hard-hearted? I wonder.

People are human. We all mess up sometimes maybe in something we said or something we did. But when we realize our error we are called to ask that person to forgive us and tell them we are sorry. That really is all we can do. We can only hope that in time that person can forgive us.

I believe what Gandhi said that forgiveness is an attribute for the strong. I pray for those that have a delete button. I have heard such amazing stories of people who have lost someone special from a drunk driving accident or were murder and they opening said “I forgave them for what they did.” Because it was their only way of moving on and healing for such a tragedy and personal loss.

So how can someone with such a HUGE loss forgive when others can’t forgive someone for something small? I believe it is a strength of character.

If someone has wronged you in some way, say a prayer to forgive them for what they did. It might be something big and you can’t have them in your life anymore, but you still need to forgive them. Say a pray for them every day. For them to find their peace, their happiness and you will find yours too.

Love and Forgiving,


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