Living Your Truth


“Live your true life. Being honest with yourself first and then with others will bring you true happiness and give you an abundant life.”


I was reminded yesterday how important it is to LIVE YOUR TRUE LIFE  when the basketball player Jason Collins decided to finally announce to the world he was gay and therefore claiming his true life. No one wants to live in fear. They shouldn’t have to. He has had an out pour of support – probably more that he ever expected. He must feel so FREE to be himself and not be in fear anymore.

There are people who don’t understand or who feel it’s wrong to be gay, but I think it’s best to always be WHO you ARE and not feel you have to conform to what other people want you to be. That’s what I mean by living your honest life. I can’t imagine having to be quiet or afraid of being who you are because others may not like it or judge you. It isn’t our place to judge anyone. We are called to love our neighbor – to love everyone!

We may not agree with what someone else does, but we still love them!! It’s like someone who has an eating disorder or smokes – we may not like what they are doing, but we still love them unconditionally.

I am happy Jason decided to love himself and live his truth!! <applaud> Kisses and HUGS!

Go be happy – BE WHO YOU ARE – openly and honestly.

Love and TRUTH



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