Life Lesson… Make Life Simple

Lifetitle“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”
Mae West

Sometimes we make things more complicated than it should be, therefore causing more stress in our lives. Why do we do that??  I know now at my age – that things can be much simpler. It doesn’t have to be complicated!

It is a choice. A conscious choice to decide to make it easier. When my kids were small, I can remember my son wanted to play  baseball, basketball, and football. Of course I wanted to encourage his enthusiasm for sports because it was important to him. My daughter also played sports but only like softball and later volleyball. We all want more for our kids than we had when we were kids, so naturally I wanted them to do it all!! (nuts – right?)  I can remember feeling like we were always on the run between practices, games, and trying to get homework and eating squeezed in before going to bed. Then there was laundry to do before bed, because we needed the uniforms clean for tomorrow! Those days were PACKED full. (How did I do this as a single parent!?)

When my son was starting High School – I just sat him down and said, “I can’t keep up this pace anymore. I need for you to pick one sport to play. Pick your favorite sport and be the best you can be in that sport.” WOW – how simple is that!! I can say he picked baseball and LOVED it! It made my life so much easier and his as well even if he didn’t know it. (smile)

Don’t pack your life full of running here and there, or full of things that really don’t matter in the grand scheme of things that you don’t have quality time for those loved ones in your life. Make it Simple!! Pick the “sport” that you love and DO it with a BANG!

It’s a choice to make things simple. Life doesn’t have to be a marathon everyday. Enjoy it – Enjoy everyday in the present with those that you love or playing the sport that you love!

Love and Living Simply,


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