Learn to let go

Letting-Go-Oct-15“Happiness always looks small while you hold it in your hands, but let it go,and you learn at once how big and precious it is.”
Maxim Gorky



As I sit here thinking and feeling rather melancholy, I have to ask myself -“Why am I feeling this way?” “What is really bothering me?” I’m usually not like this, so my mind wants to know what my heart is feeling and why.

When I asked myself these questions, the universe answered right away. Boy – was I ever shocked at the answer. (Laughing)….. don’t ever ask yourself a question if you truly don’t want to know the answer! Your spirit will tell you the truth without hesitation even if you don’t really want to hear it.

It is time for me to “let go” of someone in my life that has meant a great deal to me. My feelings run deep for this person, but those feelings weren’t the same for him. He wasn’t good for me and I know he was only in my life for a short time probably for me to learn a lesson from, but feelings are feelings and they mean something to our hearts. But, in order for me to move on, it’s time for me to let go. My heart knows its time – without any hesitation.

In the meantime…. I’ve met such a wonderful person whom I’m love spending time with. He is kind, thoughtful, giving, loving, adventurous, full of love and happiness, and he has fallen for me too. He has such a good heart. He is so supportive of me and my dreams. I have been blessed with such a good man in my life. I look forward to seeing where our journey takes us.

By releasing something old and toxic, I am consciously taking the current moment by the hand and moving forward towards something awesome! I know in my heart – I know in my soul it is good.

Let GO of what isn’t good for you. You can’t whole-heartedly move forward until you do.

Love and Letting GO!!!







5 thoughts on “Learn to let go

  1. I understand how difficult to let go those that mean so much to us. Whether in form of memories we just don’t want to let go. I am happy you did the right thing and wishing you good luck for your future with your man. 🙂

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