Trust Your Soul to Guide You…

Beautiful-AngelTrust your soul to always guide you on the right path.

I can remember years ago when I made the conscious connection between my soul/intuition telling me a truth, I listened and realized that it was true! To some it may sound like nonsense, but to me is an absolute~~ That moment was so enlightening that I will always remember it.

This past week I have wrestled with something in my life. To be quite honest, I didn’t know that I was struggling with something internally except for the fact I couldn’t sleep. When I was asked why I wasn’t sleeping well, my only answer I gave was I didn’t know why.

I know we all dream. However I rarely remember mine.  I only remember my dreams when they are important or let’s just say it’s when my soul has a message. This week I had an amazing dream. I was in the presence of an angel. I don’t know where we were but that didn’t matter. What I do remember is  I was in awe of the beauty, the love, the serenity, and overwhelming connection knowing she was guiding me……just knowing she was here with me. I then woke up! Wow! I laid there in bed in silence visualizing the dream all over again. Except that I don’t think it was a dream now. I felt the presence deep in my soul. I believe this has great significance in my life.

Today I realized why I was struggling. I didn’t want to face “the why” of my struggles, but facing it is the only way to have peace. It’s funny – It is so easy for me to face issues in business and make wise and intelligent decisions, but when it comes to matters of the heart I want to think the best in people. We all want to see the good – before we see the bad. I believe that is true or natural for most people.

As I sat in silence, all alone…. I closed my eyes and listened to my spirit speak. I needed answers. I needed guidance. The answer came quickly and my eyes opened.

What I want to impress upon you is to let your soul guide you. When you feel at odds and not at peace – there is a reason why. Facing “the why” is hard, but taking action for resolution is the hardest part. For example – I know I need to lose the extra pounds I’m carrying, but taking the action to make it happen with working out and eating healthy is the hardest part.

Inner peace will come when I follow through with the solution. If you are struggling, find the why, face it, accept it, and take action for peace.

Love and Allowing my Soul to Guide Me,


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