EnJoy the Day

Sunrise-Above-The-CloudsEnjoy the day as it unfolds for it will reveal itself according to a divine power not yours! ~Deanna

We all plan our day as its suppose to go – according to our plan. BUT I didn’t plan today as it has unfolded. I was thrown a curve and I rolled with it (not happily I might add)  But to my surprise – IT’s BETTER than I PLANNED!!! Laughing….. I am enJOYing today more than any other day this week. Isn’t that funny? What I thought would be bad turned out GREAT!

What I know is this….. it’s not all about what I think my life should be, but what I surrender to and allow the divine power to give me. I will always follow when I feel that power! It is like this picture – Sunrise Above the Clouds!!! Don’t you want that too?!

Let go….. and allow what you are supposed to experience – It just might be BETTER than you ever imagined!!! (hugs)

Love and Allowing-



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