Relationships…Relating on all levels

kissI am the first to say – I’m not an expert in relationships. I am good at relating to people and that is a huge part in relationships. Being a former business executive, I learned early on it was important to build relationships with others, not just take a persons business card and smile. It’s about connecting and building a foundation to build on.

But what I want to talk about  now is personal relationships. The relationships of love and passion between two people. There are so many levels we need to connect with our partner on i.e., spiritual, financial, physical, children, everyday life duties etc. It’s important to be aware of all levels not just one or two.

There are also qualities we seek in our partner that are “must haves” and there are “wants” that we would like to have, but aren’t a deal breaker. It’s very important that you know your “must haves” before you begin dating someone. If you don’t know these before hand, your hormones will kick in and you won’t be making wise decisions – they will just be based on attraction.

I saw a well written post today on FB by Graham White – here is part of what he wrote:

My experience with women has been that they were unaware how sexual they can be until they encounter a purposeful man who acknowledges, supports and adores them for who they are.

Any man who finds he’s not ‘getting enough’ should check to see if he’s supporting enough. It’s more than paying the bills and doing the chores (but it needs to include those) – it’s also about if he chooses to be in the small details of life.

It made me think back on past relationship – ones that were good and ones that were bad. And what he said is true. In the best ones – it was because I felt a strong purposeful man beside me who acknowledged, supported and adored me.

I wanted to share this  – both men and women need to read this. Think and acknowledge if you are doing this for your partner or not. It’s so very important.

When you truly love someone, you want their happiness more than you want your own. Especially if it’s a healthy, loving, and respectful relationship.

Love and happy relationships!


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