Dream Come TRUE

Love & Light 1I am so honored and over JOYED to have one of my dreams come true! I am now a published author!!

Let me tell you how it all happened….

I kept seeing an email about a contest in my mailbox and kept ignoring it. I never thought I’d have a chance to win so why even open the email.  But one night I decided to open it up. I read it – I read the criteria. Then my intuition said – “If you are EVER going to make your dream come true, then you need to take ACTION to make it happen!!!”

You CAN’T DREAM forever without taking action towards making it happen! How simple right? But we all have been there

It’s like this…. We all want to win the lottery and have an abundance of money to ease our finances or to do what we want to do or quit our job. HOWEVER – if we don’t buy a ticket – it will NEVER happen. Same for any dream…. right?

I took action in that moment. I sat down right then and started writing my inspirational story. I didn’t stop for 4 hours. It flowed out as it was meant to. As I was writing I felt all those emotions I felt years ago and cried here and there. But when I was finished, I also felt an amazing sense of WOW – I am strong. If I can do that anyone can! I felt AWESOME and EMPOWERED all over again.

I submitted my story the next morning. Mind you it was a contest so I had to wait about 30- days to see if I would be selected to be part of the book. The final day came… I waited for a call or email and it finally came.  I sat in my car looking on my phone debating whether to open it or wait. I opened the email with excitement and fear both! The first sentence confirmed my DREAM COME TRUE! I was selected. Can you believe it? I sat there and started crying. I was shaking with happiness and joy!

I hope you will read this amazing book call LOVE AND LIGHT – A COLLECTION OF INSPIRATIONAL STORIES AND POEMS. I am one of 16 authors that were selected. I am honored and humbled to be a part of such a gifted and talented group of authors.

Make your dream come true! Take action now!





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