Random Act of Kindness

random_acts_of_kindness-300x300I was a witness to such a sweet act of kindness last night. I was so moved to be there to see it, feel it, and share in that joyous moment.

I was enjoying dinner with a few friends at Applebees, not far from home. We decided to sit at the bar which has a more friendly, open, personal encounter than sitting at a table. Shortly after ordering, an older gentlemen came in and sat one stool away from me. He was alone and seemed to be enjoying “our” conversation that we were engaging in with the bartender. The bartender is Elizabeth. We were all enjoying the camaraderie and topic of conversation. The older gentlemen was smiling and laughing with us, and finally joined in the conversation.

As we were talking, Elizabeth shared that she was excited about being engaged, getting married soon and becoming a new mom in October. BUT she wasn’t having a baby – it was her sister. She said her sister already had a 3-year-old and couldn’t afford to have another baby.  The sister was considering giving the baby up for adoption when Elizabeth decided she wanted to keep the baby in the family and wanted to adopt him. She knew she wasn’t about to have kids, so this was a perfect solution. We all were so touched by her story and shared in her excitement. Elizabeth is such a beautiful person and when she talked about it her light shined.

The older gentlemen shared about his two failed marriages and now his third was going on 23 years. He shared his knowledge on wines and going to Napa Valley sampling wines. He finished his dinner, and was about to leave. Since I was so close to him, I heard him call Elizabeth over to hand her his payment for the bill.  I turned to watch him. I heard him say to Elizabeth, “Here’s the payment for my dinner, but I want to give this gift (cash) to the baby!” WOW – You can imagine how touched Elizabeth was and so very thankful. She couldn’t tell him enough “Thank you’s!”

After he left, we all were speechless! We all got goosebumps! Elizabeth said he gave her $100 dollars for the baby. She didn’t know who the man was. She has seen him every now and again, but he didn’t speak much before. But HE gave her a gift and gave a random act of kindness for all of us to witness! How awesome is that? VERY AWESOME

I was so deeply touched and reminded that there is goodness in people. I wanted to share the news with those close to me even though I knew my words wouldn’t do this self-less act of kindness justice. My eyes witness this and I would never ever – EVER forget this moment.

Love and Still in Awe,


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