Reach Out and Call

pink phoneI recently got a phone call from a good friend whom I hadn’t heard from in a while. It was great to hear her voice and I envisioned her beautiful smile. But what impressed me more, was she said that her intuition lead her to call me, so she did! Of course I talk about listening to your intuition all the time!! (so does she)

What she felt led to call me about was spot on! I needed someone to talk to about this personal matter, someone who would understand herself as she was going through the same thing too. So all the cosmic stars aligned and the universe answered both our needs and sent her to call me!

It was of course just what I needed. Her call, her sharing and her words of reassurance and kindness. We laughed, shared and inspired each other. I felt her love and she felt mine. It was AWESOME!

If your intuition is telling you to reach out to someone – Please respond and do it! Don’t worry what you’ll say or what anyone will think. Just comply. Do what you are lead to do. There is always a reason.

Love & Intuition Calling,


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