Belly Flops

belly flopsI was listening to K-LOVE radio one morning this week as I was  heading into the office. I love to sing and drive. I don’t care if I look crazy to those driving around me. I know I sound good!! LOL

The woman on the radio was talking about her vacation with her kids. She took her two sons to the Jelly Belly Candy factory. When I heard her say jelly bellys – she got my attention. I love jelly belly’s – almost all the flavors, and especially buttered popcorn! I would love to mix the popcorn with caramel. (smile) Anyway… The little boys thought it was a cool place!  She noticed that the company didn’t throw out the jelly bellys that came out wrong, or were imperfect. Normally you would think they would be thrown away because they weren’t perfectly made. However they weren’t even looked at as bad, but were packaged and sold as “Belly Flops” – isn’t that cute!!! I love that!!!

Belly Flops have imperfections and so do we as humans. Non one is perfect. Each one of us has imperfections and come in different shapes and sizes. But that doesn’t make us less worthy. So why do we thinks we are? Hogwash! Let’s think of ourselves as belly flops! We still have that great wonderful taste, but come in a different package than the others. We are unique in our own way and that is special!

Don’t focus on your imperfections. You are awesome just the way you are. Go buy some belly flops!

Love and Imperfections,


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