Life Lesson…love openly & honestly

lessons-in-life“Never close your lips to those whom you have already opened your heart.” ~ Charles Dickens

I have a lot of hard lessons in my life especially in love. But I have always said “God will send me someone who will love me with my flaws when I am ready.” I know that to be true.

People come into our lives for difference reasons – we all have heard that right? We are to be open, experience what we are meant to with them, and if they aren’t meant to be in our lives forever then we let go, figure out the blessings they gave us or the life lesson we learned during that time. Sometimes we make mistakes and hope that the other person will forgive us in be stronger in the relationship for it.

The lesson I’ve learned is to love openly and honestly. I have always been protective of my kids since I got divorced when they were babies, but when you are dating someone and you already care deeply for the person, you should share them with your family and friends. You never want to have your partner feel you are ashamed of them. You want his family to love you and he want your family to love him. That is natural. But if you don’t ever show him/her off, then they will feel that you aren’t proud or even worse, that you are ashamed of them. This all comes back to : treat the other person as you want to be treated:

Hard lesson given my background. But lesson learned the hard way.

Love who you are with openly and honestly. Give them your best.

Love and Learning,



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