Words of Appreciation

angelsI was talking to one of my girlfriends yesterday about something that recently happened in my life. I hesitated to share my story…. and in that moment MY INNER VOICE said to me “You are MEANT to share your story!” What I went through wasn’t suppose to be kept inside.

As I shared with her, much to my surprise, her reaction was so positive and reassuring at the same time. I told her I know God knew I was strong enough to handle it and that was why he gave it to me! I was meant to survive this violent crime and I only did by the grace of God and Angels protecting me that day. I say that day but I know they are with me every moment of every day… I feel them. What I haven’t share with everyone was that I was protected TWICE that day from death.  The first time I was almost killed on the road driving on the interstate. I was in the fast lane behind a semi truck, the roads were busy but the weather wasn’t bad. And another semi was following behind me.  For some reason the semi suddenly slammed on his brakes and the only way to avoid hitting him was pulling over into the medium by the concrete partition. The semi behind me slammed on his brakes coming within only a few inches of slamming to the semi in front to me. I would have been smashed in between the two semi’s if I had not completely moved over into the shoulder. I have goosebumps as I’m writing this….

I said a prayer of thankfulness in that moment knowing I was protected and saved. My heart racing… I stayed there for a few minutes before everyone started to move again. There is no doubt that Angels protected me and would again in the afternoon of that same day. That story is being written…it’s more graphic.

After sharing with my friend my story – what she said afterwards reaffirmed that my story is to be shared with other women! She loved that I had chosen not to be a victim, but that I said “God knew I was strong enough to handle this and chose me to survive for a reason.”  She continued on to say so many words of appreciation and encouragement that I knew without any doubt, I was right to share and would never hold back or hesitate again.

With that said, I am writing a book about my story along with doing seminars talking to women about dating in the new age of information. I actually have two stories to share in my seminars – both are astounding and hard to believe. And both of them happened back to back!! That in itself is affirmation!  I will keep you posted as the story has been flowing out of me onto my computer.

My words of appreciation today go to God and my Angles. I thank you for your protection, and entrusting me with this message to share with women. I appreciated the love of my family and friends. You are my strength and encouragement too!

Love and thankfulness,


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