We all are Teachers

teacher“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” ~Benjamin Franklin

I realized after I had my children just how important it was to give them a good foundation and always be a good example by living my life in love and good as the example. It goes back to “Walking your talk” not just giving the talk. We all ARE teachers everyday with others looking at us to teach them our walk. Always know that someone looks up to you, someone is looking to you to help them do better, or someone is wanting you to be their example to follow.

Sport fans ( mainly kids) always look to their favorite player to set the BAR as a human being and excellent player in their sport. They expect them to show good sportsmanship and show humility in giving to others. Some players understand this and some don’t. But they are teaching those young people whether it’s good or bad behavior.

Be the teacher who sets the bar for those in their lives. You have the ability to change and influence those who are looking to you to be an example. We all are human… but be aware and make good choices… 🙂

Love and Teaching Others,


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