We aren’t called to Judge others

do not judge“If you judge people, you have no time to love them.” ~Mother Teresa

We aren’t called to judge others and yet I hear people judging others all the time.Why do people verbally, out loud say something that is hurtful or judgmental of someone else?

Maybe I’m more aware of this recently because my mother will sit and watch TV and 90% of what comes out of her mouth is judging someone. There is no need to say anything to change her mind because she is entitled to her opinion and gets angry if you defend the person she is judging. But it hurts me to hear her verbally judge others. My grandma was the same way. Just as I wrote yesterday, we are all teaching others something from our behavior. My mother learned from her mom, and I pray I have not passed this on to my children. I don’t think I have because I am very aware of how this feels.

I honestly became aware of this in High School or this was the first time that I was hurt by someone judging me. A girlfriend told me what another friend said about me. She said “I don’t understand why Deanna gets all the guys falling over her and asking her out? I’m prettier than she is!”  Now this was from a person who I thought was a “best” friend.

I wasn’t the prettiest nor the worst, but what I was and still am is kind, confident, giving, sweet, compassionate, and fun-loving. Guys can sense your inner being and not just your outer being. That’s why I had guys who liked to be around me. I didn’t need to be the prettiest, or a cheerleader, or the class President. I was just me.Senior Pic

DO not judge others. That isn’t your job nor right here on earth. God will judge everyone at the end. We all will see our bad and good choices at the end….or that is what I believe. And I’m not asking you to believe what I believe, but what I do want to impress upon you is that it only hurts you to judge. If you look at why you judge, it is because you aren’t loving yourself enough and you feel better putting someone else down. First – love yourself! And then loving others will come naturally.

Love and Light,


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