God is Faithful

god is goodGod is Faithful. He will not change. He will always be with you. He will always love you.

God is so good. He sees the good in you – and I see the good in people. I have been told by several people who know me that one of my greatest weaknesses is I always see the good in others.  But that is my heart. I don’t see it as wrong. I see it as a blessing!

What I do know is that we live in a different world now. It is growing more and more violent. People pull out a gun to solve their anger instead of talking about what is bothering them. Last week a man pulled a gun and shot a man who was a son, father, and husband who was texting on his phone before a movie. How can this be? Someone took a life without thinking about all the people who will be affected by his action.

I do believe we need to be mindful and safe. But like Jesus – we are to love our neighbor. Love is the universal language. I am glad I’m who I am. It is by the grace of God that I can see the good, I can give love freely, and I am faithful in my courage with God.

Love, Courage, and Seeing the Good,


4 thoughts on “God is Faithful

  1. I’m not sure why others would say that your ability to see the goodness in others is a weakness. Quite the contrary in my opinion. I would consider that a strength! You seem like a very kind and compassionate person.

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