Visited By an Angel?

Wanted to share this blog from a wonderful woman. I have had a similar experience that also felt very real~

Misifusa's Blog


I had a strange experience Valentine’s night.  I don’t know whether I was half asleep or dreaming.  I felt that I was encased in a metal armor like in medieval times even though I couldn’t see it.  I remember looking down at my body, but it looked the same as it always does with nothing more on it than my pajamas as I was in bed.  Then, as if spiritual hands were laid upon me, the metal plates unbuttoned themselves from my shoulders one at a time.  I felt myself get lighter inside as the weights that were plaguing me were lifted.  I felt each one as it was unbuttoned and lifted away, often revealing another underneath that I wasn’t even aware of in the first place.  Layers were unbuttoned from my shoulders down to my toes.  In my mind’s eye, I could see the metal vestments, but in reality…

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