Above all things…Be YOU

“Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.”~ Nora Ephron

If you truly think about it, you have the power to make your life whatever you want it to be. Right?  You make decisions every day that affect your life, either good or bad, but you still have the power of your life.

I believe we have the power to do great things if we want to. It’s all in our focus, our thoughts, our attitude, and our dedication to making what we want to happen.  If you get up in the morning, kind of blah or not focused on getting things done for your dreams or goals, then how do you think your day will unfold? No plan – no direction. The day will just happen and you will have your day control you. You will just be the pawn on the chest board called life.

Don’t you think your day would be better with you in the driver’s seat?  With you mapping out the day, and not the day mapping itself out with no driver at all?

I know sometimes we get caught up in everyday life, emotions, and sometimes drama of family and friends. But you have to focus – get passed that or tune it out if it’s not life or death.

the oscarsYou have the power to do ANYTHING! I believe that with all my heart and soul.  It’s your life, so be the heroine! Be the leading actor in your movie and win the Academy award for being the BEST STAR of your life.  Win the Oscar and be proud of your amazing movie – your life. It’s all in your power!

Love and Light,


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