Allow Others to Help you

holding hands 1I don’t know about you, but it isn’t like me to ask anyone for help. From the time I moved out at the age of 18, I haven’t looked back or asked anyone for help. As love comes full circle, my mom needs my help.

I see her struggle every day with asking me for help. She hates that old age and dementia has set in and she still thinks she can do things on her own without any help from me. But then she realizes sometimes she can’t, and is forced to ask me for help. She will say to me as tears roll down her face, “You’ll understand when you get my age how difficult this is.”

I don’t want to feel guilty to ask someone for help. I love it when others ask me or better yet “ALLOW” me to help them in some way. It gives me such joy to be able to do that.

Why do I not “ALLOW” the same from others? Won’t it give them the same joy that it gives me?

Of course it would. We are so wired to be independent, and trust me when I say “I’m the queen of independence,” that we feel we are weak if we ask for help. I know that is how my mom feels. She thinks because she has gotten old, this makes her weak and she certainly is not weak. It is just the stage of life we are in right now. I’m here to assist her in the things she can’t do anymore.

I believe it takes great courage for us to shift into a new stage or change things in our lives. As I see this coming forth in my mom, I too must see it in myself as well.

This lesson hit home this week as I am faced with a huge trial in my life. I felt broken in a million pieces trying to get through this on my own in this physical world. God is always with me in spirit. But one friend said to me “You are not alone. When you are weak you must allow your friends and family to step up and be your strength when you cannot be. They love you. Lean on them until you are whole again.” Isn’t that truly what love is about?

So the art of allowing is beginning – I want to practice this every day. Allow others to be a blessing in your life. Allow them to love you. Allow them to give forth a smile, a hug, or open a door for you. Allow them to reach out their hand in kindness, grab your hand and pull you up when you need it. Allow others to help you. It will bring them joy and you comfort in knowing their love surrounds you.

Love and Light!


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