Relationships 101.a


You know, I’ve been laid up with a broken leg for almost a week, and I keep staring at my brainstorming session on my whiteboard. It’s right in plain site and the message I am receiving is WRITE Write WRITE…so here I am.

Love Class 101

Let’s begin talking about friendship. I know we all have a best friend/s, someone that we can be completely open, honest, and real with, knowing that we won’t be judged by any means.

Friendship are more important than we realize. I have two girlfriends that I can tell anything too, and visa versa. One I’ve know for over 25 years and that other one just a few years. I wouldn’t trade anything for their friendship.

There are other is my life that I consider good friends, but I wouldn’t share my deepest secret with. Those people still mean a great deal to me. But I’ve been scorned before when I thought I could share something with someone, and later they got mad and used it against me. They literally wanted to hurt me. That’s not a friend. Someone who care about you wouldn’t do that even if they are mad for a while.

I believe guys and girls need these close friendships beside their dating/marriage relationships. I also believe people come into our lives for a reason… some will be short-term, or as they say a season, and others will be for a lifetime. Don’t be sad by this, because you must know they are here for a lesson – to give us something.

Today all I want you to think about are your close, air-tight, long-lasting friendships. Be very thankful for those friends. Call them up and tell them you are so happy they are apart of your life’s journey! They are forever in your book of life.

Thank you my dear friends for your love, support, advice, laughter, and endearing friendship. May you know how special you are to me. I am better because you are with me.







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