3 Musts to be an Effective Leader


I started working at an early age because I never liked asking my parents for money! So I was always driven to achieve and excel at everything I did.  It wasn’t until I was working in college, that I found my niche’ where I felt my calling. Accounting came natural to me, as did math.

After I had a few years of experience under my belt, I got the opportunity to be a supervisor. I knew from my own experiences what type of leader I wanted to be based on the leaders I had in the past. As you can imagine yourself, there were good leaders, bad ones, and ones that never should be one! Here are my top 3 must haves to be an effective leader….

  1. YOU MUST BE CONFIDENT – There is nothing worse than being a leader with low self-esteem. You have people looking to you as the example, someone they can look up to and follow; what are you teaching them? When you are confident you build trust, loyalty, and future leaders. Confident leaders don’t know everything, but they are confident in there ability to learn, grow, and figure things out when they don’t know. You must have confidence to lead others.
  2. YOU MUST BE APPROACHABLE – You can’t be an effective leader if your people don’t feel they can approach you or talk to you. Sometimes people get arrogant with a position of responsibility or power, and it shows in their behavior. People who are not approachable will not build trust, loyalty or a team of productive workers. They will not work to help you in anyway because you act like you are above them. People can tell right away if you genuinely care about them or don’t. You may be busy, but you still must be approachable.
  3. YOU MUST MAKE GOOD DECISIONS – Leaders are called upon sometimes to make quick decisions, and in that moment, you can’t be someone who can’t make up their mind or as I’d like to say – you can’t be wishy-washy. Whoever has come to you to make the decision needs to know facts behind the question. You will have to ask direct questions, gather the facts good and bad in your mind, and make the decision. Based on the questions you asked and the responses given, you must never second guess the decision you made. Because in that moment, you simply made the best decision based on fact. You move on to the next thing you are working on. Trust yourself and your instinct. If the decision for some reason was not a good one, it will come back to you at a later date and you can look at it more closely.

These are my top must haves – take heart though, you may have learned a tough lesson from a leader and could certainly add to the must have list.

Thank you!

Deanna                          www.deanna-leigh.com

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