This has got to stop

How did I get here? Where you ask?  To a place where I can’t seem to lose the extra weight I’m carrying. I use to be so disciplined with what I put in my body! Now – I’ve allowed myself to gain weight, and to be honest, I haven’t cared about my weight for years.

Now I want to be healthier! I am 55 years old, and for some reason, NOW I’m fed up with the yoyo of my weight going up and down. This has got to stop. But how do I begin? I need to lose 60 lbs! To some that might not seem a lot, but to me it is.

Today, I started eating less, but eating better, natural food. Boiled eggs, and salad with small steak. I even made fresh blended juice of spinach, kale, and blueberries. I’m feel better, but I’m tired. I want to got to bed, it’s only 8pm. Is that part of eating healthy food instead of junk food and sugar?

Tomorrow I will do another juice blend in the morning, maybe blueberries and yogurt, and salad lunch. No sodas, only water or green tea. I did walk tonight for 30 minutes as well.  Day 1 – went well, except for being tired.

No more not giving a damn how I feel or look. Today is a beginning of better health!

Loving Life,


2 thoughts on “This has got to stop

  1. I can’t either. Never really worried much about my weight but now, at late 40s….yikes.

    But there’s cake to eat and snacks to snack and home cooking to sample…not to mention wine to sip…

    Blah. 🙃😉

  2. I know right? That’s how is creeps on! I use to say NO to deserts without giving it any thought, but now I rarely say No! I hear you!! My will power has to come back. Thanks for sharing with me.

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