Eating Live Food

live foodI read this from a friends Instagram and I’m ad-libbing, but here’s the premise, “Eat live food and live. Eat dead food, and die.” Thank you Sandra for sharing that wisdom.

Kind of brings home the point rather quickly! So the past 2 days I’ve only eaten live food and protein shakes. I’ve also walked 30 minutes every day too! I’ve read over and over again that we have to keep the body moving. Stay Active! I think this is key too.

I’m down 3 lbs and .6% in body fat! WhooHoo! I feel better, slept fantastic last night, and don’t feel sluggish like before.

It’s the process foods and SUGAR that are killing every one of us slowing over time.Don’t you agree? But we keep eating the same things that are killing us, or at least I do. I shouldn’t speak for anyone by myself.

Gosh I don’t want to turn this fast healthy train back around to that!

I want to turn back time, and be active, healthy, and walking up a mountain again! I can already smell the taste of victory, and that my dear friend, will keep me going!

Love – Deanna

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