Top 3 Great Leadership Traits

leader in meI was an executive for over twenty-five years having titles of CFO, Director, and Manager. I worked hard climbing starting at the bottom and rising at the top. Here are my top 3 lessons I learned as a leader.

3.  Be Humble

Never make anyone feel you are superior over them. You are their boss, their mentor in helping them succeed in what they want to achieve while they are under your wing, but be humble in your approach. Always greet the janitor the same way you greet the president. No one is better than – we all have important jobs and a vital role to play.

2. Hire Great People

The people you hire will determine the success of your team, and the company. Knowing who to hire is tricky sometimes. You have to figure out who has the “it” quality; the one who has the desire to succeed and work, from those that just was a paycheck. I usually had to trust my gut on this. Ask good questions in the interview, ones that are thought-provoking and allows the candidate to speak freely. One of the best questions I was ever asked, “What animal would you chose to be from the zoo, and why?

Top 1

Be Honest

People my not want to hear what you need to tell them in a review, but what I found to always be true, they will respect you for being honest with them. When you are honest in a sincere way, they can reflect, assess, and make better decisions based on your honesty. If you aren’t honest, then they will move forward based on untruth and will make bad decisions because of the dishonesty. Always share in a manner you’d like to receive the truth. Don’t be afraid to tell the truth; it brings respect for you and them. Help them grow and be successful.



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