Allowing Grace


I don’t know about you, but I sometimes beat myself up for not being perfect! My mind verbally kicks me in the butt for not making the better choice if presented with options for food to eat, drinks, men, conversations, or anything for that matter! WHY?

I heard once in a documentary years ago that humans are the only species who ‘continually’ reminds themselves of their mistakes! The animal kingdom realizes the mistake, learns from it, and let’s that shit go. They don’t beat themselves up at all – it’s learned from and forgotten.  Gosh – why can’t we do that too?

I believe we can if we allow grace in our lives and move on. Every morning every living creature on the earth has a chance to start “FRESH”. When we awake, open our eyes, we set the intentions for the day to be good, do good, and let our actions make us better in some way. We need to leave yesterday behind, learn from it, and start a clean slate the next day.  I’m not saying that some decisions we made don’t carry over, but that decision was in the past. Move forward making better decision. After all, our wholes lives are built from decisions we have made.

I’m thankful I made the decision to eat “real live food” and be healthier. Did I make a bad choice yesterday and eat some ice cream from DQ? Yes, I did. But today – I made good eating choices.  I know that one day this struggle will be less and less, and the good habits will out weigh the old ones. That I know for sure.

Allowing grace in myself is a beautiful thing. My spirit thanks me for it. My heart feels better for it. And my mind, it’s much quieter when I allow grace.

Love and Good eating,


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