Feeling Great

jumpI woke up feeling great this morning! I know you might think I’m crazy, but I know there’s a correlation in what we eat, and how well we sleep. Yesterday, I was spot on in all my eating choices. I mean healthy food all day, live food, and one small bit of dark chocolate, which I savored by letting it melt on my tongue, not swallowing it whole! Plus I drank lots of water……With eating well, I slept like a baby all night long, and woke up feeling happy, full of energy, and my mind is ready for the day! I want to feel like this every day! So there’s got to be a correlation!! Don’t you think?

I pack my lunch for work with my own food along with nuts and fruit for snacks. I know if I don’t, then I’m grabbing bad food, and making very bad choices! I’m signing off now so I have time to pack my lunch.

I’m telling you – I feel awesome. I want this energy and vitality every day!  🙂

Love and good choices!


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