To Care or Not to Care

imagesThat really is the question. To care or not to care about yourself. Right? Do you really care about yourself?

I haven’t cared for several years about my health, dating, or about much in general. I checked out on caring because of a trauma that happened to me a few years ago. I simply retreated in the “Give a Damn” department. I needed time to heal emotionally, and physically on the inside. I felt like I was asleep, walking around doing everything routine in my life.

It has taken me time, but I DO CARE. The trauma isn’t forgotten, and will always be with me, BUT I won’t remain there. You’ve heard that “Time heals all wounds.”  It does in a way, and one day, a day you can’t predict, you begin to emerge feeling better, piece by piece. For me, the pieces came together and I feel whole again! I’m very grateful!!

Healing is a wonderful thing. It’s one reason why I’m eating healthier and making better food choices. I’m Woke! I’ve emerged even stronger than before.

Today was a good day, and so will the rest of my life!

Love and Caring!



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