Being Honest

Let me get honest with myself for a minute. I need to figure out why I stopped caring about myself, my health, my appearance, so I don’t repeat this again.  Right?

Self reflecting is a good thing, necessary at times to improve yourself.  “Why” did I allow myself to gain this weight?  First answer that came to mind when I asked this question out loud was a life changing event in 2000. When I say a “life event” those are times where our lives “change” and will never be the same from that moment on. Life events tend to be, for example, having a child, a parent dying, finding out you have cancer, etc. Those are life events.

I dramatically changed my life the end of 1999, quit my wonderful job at the University, sold my cute house on the pond, and moved to Indiana for love that didn’t last a year! I take ownership of this decision because at the time, oh goodness I thought it was a good decision, and he “loved” me. Dating long distance and for only six months, was not rational, and anyone can be what they want you to see for six months. But on the other hand, I truly believe everything happens for a reason! There are positives over the years that have come from me moving to Indiana. But this is where I stopped caring. I know in my heart this is where I changed.

It hurt me deeper than I thought. This failure was huge! My lack of judgement for this man, imprinted more on the inside. I cried for months when I left, poured myself in my work, even took up candle making to occupy my free time so I wouldn’t think about him and cry.

Heartbreak – It ran deep! After all these years, it all comes down to heartbreak? Wow. Now I begin the journey of healing myself, caring, and getting where I need to be. Day 2.

What a breakthrough! I feel FREE

Love – Deanna




Life is Good

We all have life lessons to learn, but don’t you think life is still good despite the difficult times?

I certainly have had a great amount of HUGE life experiences lately. But I still smile and I’m still happy even with the ups and down.

I try to remember that the storms in life will pass. I will get through it in time. I will learn from it, grow spiritually, and see it as something that made me stronger. I won’t live with regrets because everyone and everything is here to teach me to be a better person.



3 Musts to be an Effective Leader


I started working at an early age because I never liked asking my parents for money! So I was always driven to achieve and excel at everything I did.  It wasn’t until I was working in college, that I found my niche’ where I felt my calling. Accounting came natural to me, as did math. Continue reading “3 Musts to be an Effective Leader”

Seeing Clearly

Clipart Face with glassesI’ve had some hard lessons in seeing relationships as they truly are. Sometimes we can’t see clearly when we are emotionally involved. At some point, have any of your friends ever said to you, “Don’t you see he/she isn’t right for you? We all see it.”  I know that when I was dating, I would tend to focus on their good qualities, and not pay much attention to the other stuff – like Red Flags! WRONG! You must open your eyes to see ALL of who they are. Right? Yes!

Continue reading “Seeing Clearly”