Trying to make sense of it all

All of us are happy to see an end to 2020, and I for one am hopeful for 2021, but it hasn’t started out well. I am angry, saddened, and shocked by what transpired on our Capitol last week. The more I see people hurting other people, what some extremist intended to do with bombs, weapons, and zip ties, sickens me. What are we doing?!? “We the people” are not “this” – we are the United States! We are the example of every nation on this earth to look to. We are BETTER! We must DO BETTER!

I don’t know how to make sense of what is happening. I can only hope that justice will happen to those who broke the law, damaged the Capitol, and hurt others people physically. There are consequences to our actions, and that starts at the top. No one is above the law.

What happened to the Golden Rule? Treat others as we want to be treated? We need to help one another, be kind every day, lend a helping hand when we can, and let service to others be our first action. We have experienced so much pain with Covid-19, let’s move forward in being healthy for 2021.

Let’s help spread love and kindness. Be mindful in the words we use, because our words matter. Let’s pray for others who are suffering or hurting. When I look at others, I remind myself how grateful I am for my life. I see the blessings I’ve received. I appreciate the people who made a difference in my life.

Bottom line….. I’m very grateful.

Much love and kindness,



Senior Picture! 1981.  Gosh I look so young! Brings back a lot of fun and happy times. I went to H.S. in Yuma Arizona.  I loved H.S.  I was smart, had lots of good friends, and we had a blast.  Music made the difference for me. Playing piano and singing in the choirs/groups made it fun despite the tough teachers that made me work harder. LOL. Thanks to everyone in high school for making it a GREAT memory!!
Senior Pic


Seeing Clearly

Clipart Face with glassesI’ve had some hard lessons in seeing relationships as they truly are. Sometimes we can’t see clearly when we are emotionally involved. At some point, have any of your friends ever said to you, “Don’t you see he/she isn’t right for you? We all see it.”  I know that when I was dating, I would tend to focus on their good qualities, and not pay much attention to the other stuff – like Red Flags! WRONG! You must open your eyes to see ALL of who they are. Right? Yes!

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Relationships 101.a


You know, I’ve been laid up with a broken leg for almost a week, and I keep staring at my brainstorming session on my whiteboard. It’s right in plain site and the message I am receiving is WRITE Write WRITE…so here I am.

Love Class 101

Let’s begin talking about friendship. I know we all have a best friend/s, someone that we can be completely open, honest, and real with, knowing that we won’t be judged by any means.

Friendship are more important than we realize. I have two girlfriends that I can tell anything too, and visa versa. One I’ve know for over 25 years and that other one just a few years. I wouldn’t trade anything for their friendship.

There are other is my life that I consider good friends, but I wouldn’t share my deepest secret with. Those people still mean a great deal to me. But I’ve been scorned before when I thought I could share something with someone, and later they got mad and used it against me. They literally wanted to hurt me. That’s not a friend. Someone who care about you wouldn’t do that even if they are mad for a while.

I believe guys and girls need these close friendships beside their dating/marriage relationships. I also believe people come into our lives for a reason… some will be short-term, or as they say a season, and others will be for a lifetime. Don’t be sad by this, because you must know they are here for a lesson – to give us something.

Today all I want you to think about are your close, air-tight, long-lasting friendships. Be very thankful for those friends. Call them up and tell them you are so happy they are apart of your life’s journey! They are forever in your book of life.

Thank you my dear friends for your love, support, advice, laughter, and endearing friendship. May you know how special you are to me. I am better because you are with me.