Words Matter

Words can either be shared in a good or bad way. One thing I do know for sure, words have power. Sometimes people speak without thinking before they speak. The words spoken are based on what they are feeling in the moment, if they are upset, the words will be out of anger or hurt. What is said towards another human being can yield a powerful blow.   Continue reading “Words Matter”

What I Know to be True

The quote from Dr. Maya Angelou is what I know to be true.
Women every where are going out on dates hoping the guy they are with will be what they want. I’m sure both sides, male and female, have expectations! When we have these expectations we are setting ourselves up for disappointment. The person hopes he/she is be what they have imagined, and in most cases this blinds people in seeing the truth.
As you sit there reading this where ever you may be, I know someone came to your mind as you were reading.  Looking back now,  YOU KNOW, you know, you know that the person you went out with showed you who they truly are.  You may not believe that, but it’s true. If you allow yourself to see clearly and without preconceived ideas – then yes, on that date if you asked questions of one another, then they showed you.
I know that my intuition told me to break up with someone last year. I should have stopped seeing him just after a few dates, but I didn’t listen. It took me 4 months to finally break up with him. I regret NOT paying attention to my intuition. However, we go through things for a reason. I learned a HUGE life lesson. One I will never forget. I wrote an EBOOK of what I went through in that short period.
I was almost killed by my ex-boyfriend. Yes! His intention was to murder me. In a split second it was clear I had to either fight or die.  Every woman who is dating should read this. Any woman who is in an abusive relationship, should read this! I will always be grateful that I fought back and I’m here to share my story.

Shift Gears

bikersWhenever you feel yourself slipping into judgment or worry, use your mind to shift gears. An affirmation that says, “This very moment is a miracle, as is everything around me,” will let you use our thoughts in appreciation rather than anxiety. ~ Wayne Dyer

I like what Marianne Williamson has said –  “I will think differently about this right now in this moment!” NOW that is shifting gears – in the moment.

I read this quote today and wanted to share. I have been anxious the past few days so this was exactly what I needed to see today. I love when that happens. Have you ever felt when you heard a sermon and felt it was written specifically for you or hear something on the radio, and you knew in that moment it was meant for just YOU!!  The universe is giving you the answer or resolution.  Angels are responding all around you. To me, that is awesome!

Shifting gears gives you the power to move into the positive and away from the negative. Saying this affirmation or something similar empowers you.

So when I begin to feel the negative again, I will make a conscious decision to “shift gears” like on my bike. Shift it to the higher gear (or the higher vibration as I would say) and kick it up!

I know this is a quick and to the point. But you will get the message if you are meant to!

Love and Shifting Gears!!



Life Lesson…. Always Communicate

tincans“Assumptions are the termites of relationships.”
Henry Winkler

Communication is one of the biggest factors in any relationship, whether it’s friendships, business relationships, or more personal with family and loved ones.

This lesson has been huge for me. When I was in my 20 and married, I didn’t feel I could share how I felt about anything without being put down for it or yelled at. What I shared didn’t matter or it wasn’t received that way, so I stopped sharing how I felt. What a HUGE travesty that was. Now – when I look back on my life, I shutter to think that I shut down like that.

Today is totally different. I am no longer married to him and have grown exponentially  since then. Learning to communicate effectively is key.

1.  Communicate from a place of respect and love. The person you are about to communicate with means something to you and you don’t want to hurt them intentionally.  Show them respect and love in the way you speak. Don’t put them down, belittle them, say angry things, yell,  or call them names. No conversation ever ends well when you lose respect and love.

2. Be impeccable with your words. When you talk to someone chose your words carefully. Speak with integrity. Avoid using words that speak negatively about yourself or gossip about others. Use the power of your words in the direction of truth and love.

3. Speak face to face. When you have something important to say or share always do it face to face. It means a lot to see how the other person is receiving your communication through they’re body language. You will know if they are listening are if they have tuned you out. Trust me when I say – face to face is best.

4. Don’t make assumptions. Find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want or need. You need to communicate clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness or drama. This can truly transform your life.

Always do your best when you are communicating. You can’t take back what you say once it’s said.

And last but not least – The Golden Rule – “Treat others like you want to be treated.” Communicate to others like you’d like to be communicated to.

Love and LOTS of Wonderful Communication