Feeling Great

jumpI woke up feeling great this morning! I know you might think I’m crazy, but I know there’s a correlation in what we eat, and how well we sleep. Yesterday, I was spot on in all my eating choices. I mean healthy food all day, live food, and one small bit of dark chocolate, which I savored by letting it melt on my tongue, not swallowing it whole! Plus I drank lots of water…… Continue reading “Feeling Great”

Everyday Choices

choicesIt has been a while since I’ve blogged. We go through life with ups and downs and life sometimes gets in the way of things we love to do. A lot has happened to me in the past few months. Some of which I will share, but today I want to write about our everyday choices.

I love that my daughter is teaching my granddaughter who is 4 now, that she is making choices every day. When she makes a bad choice, she will ask her if that was a good choice or bad choice? She is making her aware at an early age that “she” in the one making the choices and if it’s a bad choice then it might come with consequences! But she is the one solely responsible for her choices, not mom or dad. Therefore she can’t blame anyone else.

Our CHOICES will impact us either way – good or bad. We are faced with choice all day long. What to eat for lunch – good choice or bad choice for fueling our body?! Who we choose to have in our “friends” circle?! That is a huge choice. Do you let good, supportive, and positive people surround you? Choosing what shoes to wear? Comfy or high heel painful? (smile) How about what we choose to think about? Are you thinking positive thoughts or defeating negative thoughts? Remember we are our thoughts!!

What I want you to think about is “BE Conscious” when you are making a choice. It does matter!! Was that a good choice or bad choice? What did you learn from that choice?

Have an AWESOME Day!

Love and Light,