You Are Not Alone

“I Am Not Alone” by Kari Jobe, is one of my favorite songs. The lyrics speak deeply to my soul. If you have never heard it, go to You Tube. Here are some of the lyrics.

When I walk through deep water. I know you will be with me. When I’m standing in fire, I will not be overcome. Through the valley of the shadow, I will not fear.

I AM not alone. I AM not alone. You will go before me. You will never leave me. I AM not alone.

In the midst of deep sorry I see your light is breaking through. The dark of night will not over take me. I am pressing into you. Lord you will fight my every battle. And I will not fear!

I AM not alone. You will go before me. You will never leave me. I AM not alone.

You’re my strength. You’re my defender. You’re my refuge in the storm. Through my trials you have ALWAYS been faithful. You bring healing to my soul! I AM not alone. You will go before me. You will never leave me. I AM not alone.

How powerful are those words? VERY! I get goosebumps.

I recently posted something personal on my FB page regarding the trials I am facing right now.  One of my dear friend Harold in Florida, gently reminded me how many people love and support me and added “You are not alone!”  What he said touched me so deeply. I began to cry.  I AM not ALONE!  Neither are you.  If you are going through something, remember – YOU ARE NOT ALONE. You will get through this. ((hugs and kisses))

Love and light!


What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

what would you do if you weren't afraidI decided after making my Vision Board for 2015, that I wanted to start the year with a small, workshop being offered called “Celebrating a Life worth Living.”

Our first class went amazing well with a small group of 11. The leader asked many open ended questions, each being very thought provoking. But one of the questions asked was “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” I thought wow, good question. We broke off by two’s to accomplish this task. We were told to say the question out loud, and the first thing that came to our mind was the answer. Then say the question again, and say the next answer.

When we were finished, the group was asked to share. Some shared positives – like travel around world, and others shared life changing choices like get a divorce and move to a place I want to live. See what I mean about thought provoking? Would you leave your marriage/boyfriend if you weren’t afraid? Would you change your job right now if you weren’t afraid? Would you change your career to something totally different, something you’re passionate about, something you would LOVE doing every day, if you weren’t afraid? Would you tell your family your gay/lesbian if you weren’t afraid? Would you speak up for what you believe in going against the norm around a group of friends if you weren’t afraid? Would you tell your boss he/she isn’t being fair to your co-workers if you weren’t afraid?

What would you do if you weren’t afraid? Ask yourself this question. Write down what comes to your mind when you say it out loud. Keep asking until you have several things on paper. Are you amazed at what came to your mind? I can guarantee some of you are.

Let me share my answer with you when it was my turn to ask this question. In front of my partner, whom I didn’t know at all, I said “What would I do if I weren’t afraid?” I replied “I’m not afraid of anything anymore.” The look on her face was shock and disbelief. “Really?” I said “Yes. I’m not afraid anymore of doing what I want to do. Over a year ago my life was almost taken in an instant. I survived almost being killed by someone I had dated. I was changed in that moment and awakened at the same time. For that – I am very grateful. I’m happy to live life to the fullest every day!”

If I can impart words of wisdom to you right now – Don’t be afraid of anything! Take the steps to do the things you want, desire & dream about. You are stronger, smarter, and more amazing than you truly realize. Never let FEAR hold you back! Get past it.

Love Someone More Than Yourself

holding hands 1I had a dream last night. This was the message.

LOVE someone more than yourself. Love them enough to want their happiness above your own.

What gets in the way of this happening is our ego. Everyone desires love, it’s our hearts desire. God made us this way. We are all made for love.

But holding on to someone for your own selfish needs, isn’t going to make either one of you happy. It will only drain you and your happiness every day! How exhausting! All that worthless energy given to something not worth giving energy too.

My girlfriend for over 20 years came to this realization years ago. Her and her husband weren’t in love. They got married right out of HS, started a family and were just good friends. They partnered together to raise their two girls, but there was no love between them. They respected one another. They cared for one another. However, they both craved loved.

One day they sat down and talked openly about their relationship/marriage. I don’t know who first said it, but here it is. “WE both know our marriage is more about raising our kids and you and I are roommates. I care about you, but I’m not in love. I want us both to find the love and happiness we deserve. We can still parent/partner to raise our kids. I think it would be better if they see real love and what it can be like in a marriage.”

WOW! How wonderful is that? They talked in an open, respectful way. And it was received in the same way. After 20 years of marriage, they got divorced shortly after the talk, and yes they both found love once they were free to allow that to happen. The kids were fine with the divorce because they saw their parents were working together and weren’t hateful or bitter in any way! That my friend was the best divorce I’ve ever seen.  I wish all of them could be like that, but we both know or have seen bad divorces.

What I want to impress upon you is – If you truly love someone, than love them enough to let them go when you know they aren’t in love with you. Everyone deserves GREAT love!



Life is Good

life is goo“Thank you God, for this good life and forgive us if we don’t love it enough.” ~ Garrison Keillor

My motto lately is that life is good. LIFE IS GOOD – it really is. It all depends how we look at life. Are we looking through negative glasses or positive glasses.

I recently went to the eye doctor to get contacts. And of course, my vision has changed in the past 2 years since I’ve seen him. He is always been a quiet, reserved kind of doctor. But I had the pleasure of making him laugh out loud about something I said about my age and eyesight being hand in hand. He busted out laughing because he is the same age as I am! Who knew?? (smile)

But getting back to the story – I thought is was funny that my eye sight is negative to wear contacts, but to get reading glasses I have to buy positive glasses!?!  Now how confusing is that? Well not really confusing. If I am wearing negative contacts I need to counter act that with a positive to read. Isn’t life exactly like that too? Sometimes we need to think about the positive when we are in a negative situation or a bad time in our lives. This is what I know….We chose what glasses to put on and in that choice, we will either surround ourselves with more negatives or more positives. I personally choose the POSITIVE.

When you are having a rough time, going through a storm, dealing with difficult people, or even just feeling down – say to yourself  “What glasses am I wearing right now?”  “I can’t see clearly with those glasses on, so I’m switching to the other glasses!”

Always know – you will make it through whatever problem you are going through. It is part of life. It is a part of growing your soul. But you can choose what glasses to wear!!!

Love and Light,